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Your Website and Google – Four Practices to Improve Your Site’s Ranking

In the never-ending battle for Internet supremacy, there are several tactics at your disposal for boosting your website’s performance in the Google search rankings. While Google offers no guarantees, these techniques can help your site ascend in the rankings, potentially climbing all the way to the top. Four of the top methods include: 1. Using

Qualities of a Well Designed Website

In order for a website to have a significant value, it has to have a few things. The website’s overall value will be determined  by what is on it. However, there is one thing that must be figured out before you even begin creating the website, and that is its purpose. A Thought out Purpose

How to Optimize Your WordPress Blog for Google

Keeping a WordPress blog has become a major hobby for some, but for others, it is also a way to make an extra stream of income. Although only a very small percentage of these people make anything near a full-time income from blogging alone, there are ways in which you can gradually build up your

Do You Make These Ten Website Mistakes?

You’ve created a website that reflects your product, your service, or your personality. You’ve handpicked the colors, the design, and the content. It’s perfect for you, and you are proud of it. So, why does it lag behind the competition? There are many mistakes that can cost you both traffic and search engine ranking. Check

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