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Domain Name Registration

domain_regA domain name is a unique address that represents a specific Internet location. The domain name is located after the “www.” in an address bar, like , or after an “@” symbol in an email address, like Cybershore can register a new domain for you, transfer an existing domain to our servers and help you bulk register a group of domain names. We also can provide services such as “parking” a domain name until you are ready to start using it, or have domain names automatically forward to another domain name.

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domiain_reg_1A domain name also has an extension, such as .com, .gov or .net. You will pick your extension based upon what is most appropriate for your web site. The following list shows the most common extensions and their meanings:

Registration Period Price
3 Years $55.00
5 Years $90.00
7 Years $145.00


Service Price
Domain Hosting $10.00 per month
Domain Transfer* $12.00 One time charge. Receive an extra year of hosting for free when you transfer your domain to Cybershore.
Domain Forward $25.00 per year

*After successful completion of transfer

tablet-beachReady to get started but need more assistance? Visit our contact page to let us know of your interest, and we’ll guide you through the process. We look forward to helping you with all your domain registration needs.

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