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Definition of CYBERSHORE :
Taken from the word “cyberspace” meaning the online world of computers and especially the Internet; and the word “shoreline” representing the Connecticut shore.

Chris AnatraOur Story

Cybershore is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) which was started in Madison, CT, back in 1996 by Chris Anatra, its current owner and President. Chris owned a software development company called NECS, Inc. (and still does), but wanted to get involved with this “new” thing called the Internet. Believe it or not, at that time, many people were calling the Internet a “flash in a pan” and were expecting “interactive TV” to instead take over. Obviously history tells us which side won.

In a few years, Cybershore had almost 5,000 customers on the shoreline accessing the Internet via their trusty old 56k modems. But customers were hungry for speed, and that old modem technology was on the way out. Cybershore attempted to heavily invest in DSL and wireless technology, but found it was fighting a losing battle against the phone company and its government lobbyists. In fact, almost all of the small ISP’s in Connecticut were forced out of business as they could not afford to compete against the phone company, and the cable companies would not allow them to share access. In a few short years, almost all of Cybershore’ s Internet access customers had left.

Chris then decided to have Cybershore specialize in designing web sites, creating eCommerce online stores, hosting them and providing email and other services for local businesses in Connecticut. A typical customer of Cybershore is located on the shoreline and appreciates having the expertise of a local company help them with their web and email needs.


cshore_sign_2Why Work With Us?

Cybershore understands that you are the expert when it comes to your business, and we have the skills and experience when it comes to getting your business online.

We understand that a great website starts with a great design. But we kick it up a notch. First we want to spend the time to meet with you to understand your needs and goals. Also, we understand how Google and the other search engines work, and utilize every tactic and technique to be sure your audience can find your site easily. Our goal is to have you appear on the first page of Google and the other search engines. After all, what good is a beautiful website, if no one can find you?

With the growing popularity of smart phones and other web-enabled devices, more and more of us are browsing the Web using our mobile devices rather than a traditional computer. For someone who’s never seen the full version of your website, the mobile version may be their first impression of your business. Cybershore can design your site to be mobile ready and impress your customers using either traditional computers or mobile devices.

We understand that the best way to earn new customers is to have happy customers who then tell all their friends, family and colleagues about us. Making you happy actually makes our lives easier as we all know referrals are always the best way to build a business. So, we’ll work tirelessly to make sure you have a website you love and tell everyone about.

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26 Shorelands Drive

Madison, CT 06443

Phone: 203.245.1175

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