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support_1Providing you with quick, personalized and accurate answers to your questions and problems has always been where Cybershore has stood out from our competitors.  Your questions are answered by our technicians and web masters based out of our office in Madison, CT.  We can be reached from 8:30AM to 5:30PM, Monday through Friday.  We do check voice mail and email after hours and over the weekend.

Technical Support
phone: 203.245.1175, ext 32
Click here to open a Support Ticket

support_2Remote Support

There are times when even with the most detailed support efforts, we still cannot identify an issue.  When this happens, we offer a service that allows us to gain access to your computer to identify the issue with you.  After we initially speak with you and you are instructed by one of our technicians. Please click here to download our remote support software.

support_4Web Hosting Support

When you need help with issues related to web hosting, such as your Plesk control panel, email accounts, FTP information, managing your DNS settings, MySQL database and installing applications such as Word Press. Please click here to jump to our Web Hosting Support page.

Support_6Email Support

When you need help accessing your email via the Internet, a client such as Outlook or your mobile device such as an iPhone. Please click here to jump to our Email Support page.

support_5DSL Support

When you need help with issues concerning your DSL access, including problems related to your router, filter and your AT&T line. Please click here to jump to our DSL Support page.

support_3Dialup Support

When you need help with your dialup connection, including finding the proper local access phone number. Please click here to jump to our Dialup Support page.

Contact Us

26 Shorelands Drive

Madison, CT 06443

Phone: 203.245.1175

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