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webhosting-suppportIf you are experiencing some rough conditions with your DSL Internet access and need support, you’ve landed on the right page.

Diagnosing either a slower than normal connection speed or no Internet connection at all can be a little tricky because the issue is usually one of three things: 1) your phone line connection from AT&T, 2) your DSL modem/router or 3) your computer or internal network.

However, here is a quick solution that we find fixes the majority of DSL issues:

  • Power down your DSL modem/router and computer.
  • After one minute power on your DSL modem/route
  • After another minute, power on your computer.
  • If you are prompted to enter a password and do not remember it. Please call our office, your DSL password
    is not the same as your email password.

If the above steps do not solve your issue, here are two additional instructions we have found to help:router-3

  • DSL line filters prevent interference between phones, fax machines and other devices. They should be installed on every phone and fax machine, but not on the phone jack the actual DSL modem/router is plugged into.

Click on the below images to show the wiring diagram and filter locations appropriate for your setup:

  • Check to see which lights are flashing red on the DSL modem / router itself. There should be at least four LED lights including “Power, Internet, Ethernet, and DSL”. If the DSL light is red, you will have to contact us so that we can open a trouble ticket for you with AT&T.

dsl-2Getting the optimum speed for your DSL connection is vitally important.  There are factors that can slow down your connection including noise on the phone line (usually solved by using DSL line filters) and the distance from your location to the phone companies central office (at least one is usually located in each town).  New DSL technologies and upgrading old phone lines by AT&T have been solving connection issues and increasing internet connection speeds.

If you are curious to check on the actual speed of your DSL connection, there are many online tools to provide this for you.  One we typically recommend is

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